About usダニエル先生よりメッセージ

After a long career in hospitality, I arrived in Japan midway through 2006 and immediately began working for one of the major Eikaiwa chains. In an instant I knew I had found a job that I was good at, that I loved and continue to do so till this day. When the chain school company I worked for went bankrupt in 2010, I was persuaded by my girlfriend Chiho (now wife), to open our own English conversation school.
Kangaroo Kids was founded early in 2011. In fact, we opened a week after the Great Tohoku earthquake. You might say we got off to a 'shaky' start. We started from scratch in a large office space in Sukegawa cho on route 6 and spent 7 enjoyable years there. We steadily grew Kangaroo Kids and now we enjoy teaching many students of all ages from here in our new school in Jonan cho or at one of the other kindergartens, schools and companies I teach at on a regular basis.
The first thing you will notice at Kangaroo Kids is we are a little different to other English conversation schools. Stepping into Kangaroo Kids is not unlike walking into a typical western style home. Westerners are accustomed to having guests in their homes. A guest is always made to feel welcome and part of the family. We want you to feel the same way here. Our classroom is cozy but large enough to comfortably accommodate the capped maxmum class size of 6 (or up to 8 in the case of event lessons or special circumstances). It is bright and airy and has a great view of Hitachi and cherry blossom trees.
Our parents and guests are not overlooked either. Our comfortable heated and cooled 'mamas room' has comfortable furniture, full length windows and plenty of room to relax with a complimentary gourmet filter coffee or organic Australian tea. This room has a nice western style feel to it and is reminiscent of a typical westerners living room. We invite you to stay and relax while the kids are being taught, chat with friends or make use of the complimentary wi-fi.